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Sanjay Kapur Weds Priya Sachdev – Another chance to fall in love

Love and marriage go hand in hand! You will always have a great marriage if you have a loving partner; who loves you, cares for you and will be there for you. But what if you don’t find someone like that? What would you do then? How will you ever handle a heartbreak? If you don’t know, then here is a great answer for all such questions; Sanjay Kapur and Priya Sachdev.

Sanjay is an industrialist in Delhi and had a very very rough patch of relationship in past few years. After his two failed marriages, Sanjay made sure that he does take the right decision after his past stumbles. His worst was with his ex-wife Karishma Kapoor whom he married in 2003, had a divorce with him after the turmoil of incidents and lastly, it ended up in a divorce.

Sanjay Kapur and Karishma Kapoor; Sanjay kapoor and Priya Sachdev
Sanjay Kapur and Karishma Kapoor; also Sanjay kapoor and Priya Sachdev

Sanjay kapoor and Priya Sachdev

When we say that Sanjay didn’t’ have a great love and marriage life, so did the Beautiful model and actress Priya Sachdev. Her first marriage was also a great setback in her personal life since. Her first marriage was with Vikram Chatwal, who was an hotelier. Her initial stage of marriage was sort of going but later she realized that he has multiple problems to deal with. 

Priya Sachdev & Vikram Chatwal

Priya Sachdev & Vikram Chatwal had a grand wedding and pretty expensive one too. To this wedding, Bill Clinton and Shahrukh Khan were some of the important guests. The wedding was a 10 days affair and people from 126 countries were invited and a grand amount of 20 million was spent on the wedding. Including the Indian Prime minister was among the list of V.I.P’s of the wedding list. Vikram Chatwal is the son of Vikram Satsingh Chatwal and is also the founder of Dream Hotels. He was a major drug addict as per some reports.

Priya Sachdev

But no matter what happened to those two pairs, finally Sanjay and Priya got their moment to get married. It was a very quiet and not so extravagant wedding in India. It happened in a registration court and Priya was a stunner in a red brocade salwar kameez with a grand red-golden dupatta. The marriage took place in Udaipur and was kept quiet for a very long time.


They both flew to New York for their reception with some very close friends and family members. Their traditional attire amongst the foreign environment was a breathtaking view. The reception was also a very extravagant affair and the highlight of the occasion was the Three-Tier cake for the couple. It was elegant and a very beautiful cake to be given at a wedding reception.

Sanjay Priya wedding reception
Sanjay and Priya with their friends in New York
Sanjay and Priya with their friends in New York
Post wedding picture of Sanjay and Priya
Post wedding picture of Sanjay and Priya
After so much of turmoil in both their lives, it was very hard for them to come over it. But, time is the best healer, may this couple have a better life ahead together. 

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